"Stolen Season"

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Stolen Season
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Stolen Season is Jace’s independently released debut album. Written and recorded between 2002 and 2004 in Orlando, Florida, it highlights the first time he delved into serious songwriting. The influences on Stolen Season are rather varied and include Bryan Adams, James Taylor, Def Leppard, Indigo Girls, Jude Cole, and others. Stolen Season focuses on song structure, vocal harmonies, memorable hooks, and, above all, melody. Since its indie release Stolen Season has received positive reviews and caught the ear of Rob Evans at Powerplay Magazine, as well as piquing the interest of John Kivel at Kivel Records. In fact, it contains the song “Let Me Sleep” which is the first of Pawlak's songs to be covered by another band (Goodbye Thrill). Stolen Season consists of up tempo songs like “Out Of Reach” and “Table For Two”, melodious ballads like “The Edge Of Goodbye” and “Should’ve Been You”, acoustic tunes “Take Me Back” and “Nothing In The Way”, and a bit of lyrical depth in “Lost”. 
Stolen Season is where Jace's songwriting career began.