Promise is the culmination of twenty years of Jace being a songwriter and a music junkie. This is the album he has wanted to make all his life. Pulling from all the influences and music that filled his life in his formative years, Jace employed his full abilities in songcraft to make the best melodic rock album of his career. In the classic vein of bands like The Storm, Bad English, Nelson, Journey, Survivor, and Danger Danger, Promise is loaded with hooks, stellar guitar work, and layers of lush vocal harmonies. On this album Jace utilized other backups vocalists to give the choruses a big full sound.

Jace also asked fellow singer and friend Pete Lents to lend his incredible, smooth lead vocals to two tracks. 
The album was mixed and mastered to tight perfection by Ty Sims, a well respected engineer in the genre who, in addition to a long list of credentials,  did the last House Of Lords album, "Indestructible."  
The graphic design was masterminded by long time Jace friend and collaborator John Kivel, who went all out to give the kind of look and feel Jace always wanted on one of his albums. 

All of these elements combined have created a solid slice of harmony drenched, hook filled AOR. 

Take a listen to the song clips and order! 

Check out more samples here
Chasing Magic
Stolen Season